Red Krill- Advanced Omega-3

Bioglan-Red-Krill-Oil-30s_sp12418 Just started taking Krill oil which you can find in any health store or vitamin shop. I bough mine from Boots London and you can probably find it in Holland and Barrett as well. Krill oil and fish oil are very similar in composition,they provide us with omega 3 just as we get it from flax oil or other omega-3 fatty acids.The only difference is that Krill is 80X stronger than fish oil and doesn’t allow you to have an after taste, so there’s no fishy burps …lol. Also, krill oil contains higher amounts of astaxanthin than fish oil. Astaxanthin is a great antioxidant for the body.

2 thoughts on “Red Krill- Advanced Omega-3

  1. Compared to fish, krill provides superior ends in improving cardio health, boosting cognitive function, improving premenstrual signs and symptoms, relieving swelling from osteoarthritis, easing back as well as joint pains and giving the skin that balanced youthful gleam. Krill can effectively lower bad cholesterol by simply about 34% and boost high quality ones by concerning 45% when compared with fish oil only cutting down bad cholesterols by 6% and boosting good ones by only 2% making krill oil significantly superior to fish oil. When you consume most of these supplements it is important that additionally you understand the unwanted side effects. If you have a new constitution that may be allergic to sea food, then this oil is not available for you. You may react with swelling, ab pain, cities, diarrhea and so on. since it is an ocean food source, and it also causes foul breath and has some sort of fishy preference too. ^

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