Kids Heaven! 

This October an unexpected holiday break at The Sofitel Resort located on the palm Dubai has come our way and all  I can say is thank you life!!!  😉 thank you for bringing us here!  At the end of the day things always turn out for the best! 

October weather in Dubai seems to be ideal these days, at 34 degrees the days are best spent lounging by the pool and the nights around 25 degrees are perfect for visiting beautiful terraces and sipping sweet cocktails infused with lemongrass under the moonlight! 

The Sofitel Resort and Spa is not only a beautiful 5star Resort but it is also a paradise for kids. The kids club is ideally located in the center of the resort with several pools surrounding it which makes it an easy two minute walk from anywhere around. The staff are very friendly and bubbly and enjoy their time there as much as the little ones.

 T.shirt making  and face painting are a few of the many fun activities that my son has taken part in at the kids club. For older kids there is a cinema on the second floor with movies showing through out the day… So if it gets too hot outside and your little one is not afraid of the dark then it’s perfect to sit back and enjoy the show. 

The toddler pool just outside the kids club is so much fun, with sand pits and fountains for kids to splash around in and cool off. 

What I liked about this Resort:

-The Sofitel hotel apartments are perfect for long stays with a mini mart close by you will find almost everything that you are looking for. 

– World class luxury spa.

– Gourmet restaurants.

– Award winning hotel and resort.

-Award winning kids club 2016


I’ve always wanted to visit Crete ever since I was a little girl. I often used to hear my aunts speak of this beautiful island and apparently my grandfather’s mother was Greek and she was from there …she lived somewhere in the mountainous areas where the pine trees grow along side each other and they are famous for their organic honey and olive oil. 

Well this summer we decided to go on a family holiday and take our little one who is now two years old along with us. After lots of research and looking at islands we decided that Crete was the right choice for us. The family friendly beaches and pleasant weather made it perfect for an early September trip. We chose the Kiani Hotel ( family hotel) that has lots of fun for toddlers and youngsters ( kids play area, disco, entertainment) and also has an award winning beach! – check it out!You can also rent a car and drive to Elafonissi  beach – A tropical white sand beach that is wonderful for kids that love to walk around in shallow waters. You may also want to visit Chania, the second largest city in Crete.  35 mins away by car.  Check out the old port area… It’s so beautiful at night with lots to offer from bars and cafes to restaurants that serve a variety of fresh sea food that is cooked to perfection! Yum 🙂 great service and smiley faces make the experience a memorable one. Thank you Crete it was a pleasure! Xx
Restaurants to visit:

In Kalyves – Provlita, friendly service and fresh sea food!  Also Kritiko, the monk fish and grilled calamari are to die for! Lovely couple running the restaurant. We were even offered cake and ice cream with Raki shots on the house. 

In Chania – Monastiri  restaurant (Exellent Kebabs! With tomato and fresh yogurt!)

Chania bars that offer snacks –  Pallas and Nama

Argan oil- the Moroccan beauty secret!


I have just received my first bottle of cosmetic Argan oil. All the way from Morocco, this oil comes from the Argan tree, one of the rarest trees in the world only to be found in the south west part of Morocco. The Argan tree can live up to 200 years. Moroccan women make a living out of collecting the Argan nuts and grounding them into an Argan paste and extracting the oil, this process by hand can take up to 10-12 hours per litre. Argan oil is one of Moroccos beauty secrets and has been used for centuries to protect and nourish the skin. In the west it has been gaining popularity as the “miracle ingredient” for the beauty industries, It has extremely high levels of Vitamin E  which helps stop free radical damage. It also contains 80% fatty acids which makes it great for healing many skin aliments like acne, psoriasis, eczema and unwanted scars have all been improved by the oil’s topical application.This unique oil is also perfect as an anti- wrinkle ointment.

Culinary Argan oil on the other hand is a lot different to cosmetic Argan oil. (Please be careful and make sure you read the label properly as they are both processed in different ways and are not interchangeable). Argan oil is not used for cooking but more for garnishing as it has that nutty taste and can be used on salads and other light dishes. It has some great health benefits like lowering cholesterol, strengthening the immune system, increasing circulation and decreasing inflamation in the body.


Winter Yoga Holidays

If you are looking to practice yoga and enjoy some lovely warm weather then your best bet would be Goa -India. “Lotus Yoga Reatreat” is located on Patnem beach with beach front bamboo huts that are great for watching those beautiful sunsets. The retreat runs two classes a day and has been described as an intense life changing experience.For more information, click here

Top ten vegetarian restaurants in London

When it comes to picking a vegetarian restaurant in London then there’s lots to choose from. In fact London has been named the world’s most vegetarian friendly city!

Top ten vegetarian restaurants: The Wallace Restaurant, Tibits, The Gate, Manna, 222 Veggie Vegan, Food For Thought, Bonnington Cafe, Woodlands, Mildreds and Vanilla Black which is a Michelin-recommended vegetarian establishment in Britain.

Vanilla Black’s gipsy toast with refried beans, tomatoes and home-made brown sauce. Photograph: Gary Calton

Cactus Craving!

Cactus Smoothie- Crussh

If you’re craving a really good mouth watering smoothie packed with all the nutrients you can think of then get yourself to Crussh. They have a full menu of juices, smoothies, “super- food” salads, tasty soups, sushi and healthy sandwiches. Or why not try their new cactus smoothie, Its a great detoxifier containing vitamins, A, B and C. Mexicans have been eating cactus for years due to its great health benefits like lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

CRUSSH- 47 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DY, United Kingdom

Raw food dishes London

The Raw Food movement is really taking off in London and if you happen to be here on business or pleasure and you are looking for a place to get a bite to eat then there’s plenty to choose from. To help you choose here’s a list of the top raw food cafes and restaurants in London:

Saf, Dragonfly Wholefoods, Vita Organic, Inspiral Lounge, The Bonnington Cafe, Tony’s Hemp Store, Alchemy and Hornbeam cafe.

Saf – Raw Food Restaurant London